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Support for you

As a Reservist you've certain rights to support you when you join up, are mobilised and return to work. As with regular service personnel there are a wide range of organisations that can support you and your family, with your unit being the first point of contact for help and advice.

Rights and responsibilities for reservists and employers gives information, including details of financial support, for you and your employer.  Your rights are also supported by 2 Acts of Parliament.

Following mobilisation you have the right to return to work in the same type of job that you were doing beforehand and you cannot be made redundant due to training or mobilisation. If you experience problems returning to work you can apply to a tribunal.

You will automatically be enrolled in Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS) 15 unless you opt out.

Healthcare for Reserve Forces

Medical conditions that arise during training or deployment will be managed by Defence Medical Services. Outside of this your healthcare needs will be met through the NHS. You should ask your GP to note your Armed Forces status on your medical records so that healthcare staff are aware that if you experience physical or mental health issues relating to your service you may be entitled to priority treatment. Reserves who have deployed overseas since 1 January 2003 and who feel their deployment may have affected their mental health can access the Veterans and Reserves Mental Health programme for assessment and treatment advice.

NHS Inform provides advice on Health rights for veterans which also applies to Reserves.

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