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Support for your family

The families of Reservists are entitled to support through the Armed Forces Covenant in the same way as families of regular serving personnel. This means you should have fair and equal access to government and commercial services and products as for other citizens and not be disadvantaged as a result of your spouse's service.

If you've any concerns whilst your spouse is away contact their reserve unit for advice in the first instance. There are serveral other organisations that offer help


School registration forms have a section to indicate if your child has a parent who is serving, a reserve or veteran.  Completing this section ensures the school can put support in place for your child if needed.  Children of parents in the Armed Forces are identified in Scotland's Additional Support for Learning Code of Practice as a group who may need additional support for a variety of reasons either on a short term or longer term basis. You're encouraged to let the school know when your spouse is away on training, deployment or is mobilised and to give as much notice as possible, this way the school can be watchful for any changes in behaviour in your child that may need intervention.


GP registration forms have a section to indicate if you're affiliated to the Armed Forces. Again you're encourage to complete this so that if health issues arise that might relate to your spouse's service the health service is aware of your status.