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Schools and learning

Help from Moray Council and Highland Council

We offer help to support your child's move to a new school including advice on

  • enrolment
  • mid-year moves
  • curriculum
  • additional support needs
  • school meals
  • school clothing grants 
  • transport

Scotland has a good education system but is different to other parts of the UK and overseas.  Children are grouped by birth date from 1 March - 29 February for year placements and not 1 September - 31 August as in England. This may result in your child going into a different year group from the one they are leaving.  If you have any concerns contact the school as they are very experienced in supporting the flow of Armed Forces children in and out of their schools and will be happy to help you. The Forces Children's Education website explains how the Scottish system works and provides links to schools that support military bases in Scotland.

If moving here on posting it's important to apply for school places as soon as you're given your married quarter address. If moving to the area after leaving the service or as a veteran then you'll need a civilian address to apply for a school place. Bring information on your child's learning from their previous school and inform the new school of your status in the Armed Forces (regular, reserve, veteran) so they can help your child settle in.

School holidays also differ; the summer break runs from early July to mid-August and there is a 2 week autumn holiday in October.  Check Moray school holidays and Highland school holidays for dates. If you want to take your children out of school during term time for parental contact during or after a deployment please let the school know beforehand.


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